Our constant endeavor here is to ensure people who connect with us have a ‘HAPPY’ state of mind. This will in turn ensure we have lesser and lesser mental illnesses & suicide attempts.


Sometimes complex conditions with varied symptoms would be hard to detect and need an expert help to understand. SAL Wellness-Clinical would help you with the necessary medical intervention.


SAL Productions & Media works towards reducing stigma towards Mental health & wellness by building specific content and reach out to the masses via the Audio-Visual and the Literary Art Medium.

  • DATA & ai

Proactively using innovations such as AI, Chatbots to integrate technology with an intent to develop a personalized reach to all the people who are keen to sustain an equilibrium state of their minds.

  • AmbuCross

Emergency response to a critical situation is imperative when conditions reach to an extreme like suicide. SAL AmbuCross aims to make sure that no lives are lost due to lack of Emergency Response Facilities.


Financial Crisis is one of the most common reasons for suicide. SAL Finance attempts at creating a sustainable Financial Model to help people to manage their monetary needs.

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