Fighting the Stigma, Creating Awareness

The first step towards addressing Mental Health and Psychological Issues is to eradicate the stigma associated with Mental Wellness and create awareness about these issues

What would be a better way than through Entertainment!

SAL Production intends to take-up this first front and develop entertaining and relevant content to make Social Impact through attitudinal change towards Mental Illness.

We are inviting creators and content developers to collaborate with us for creating meaningful content in the above mentioned areas.

So if you are a creative mind who wants to make a social impact connect with us!

Performing Arts

A heart touching musical, an eye-opening theatre act or a silent but hard-hitting MIME performance is all you need to make the right change!

Audio Visuals

Across the globe, many a films have been able to make a Social Impact to create awareness and eradicate stigma pertaining to a variety of issues from Homosexuality to Learning Disabilities.

Literary Art

Books, Magazines, blogs;a few media to reach to the people in general and share stories and experiences that could help transform their attitude and understanding towards

The MIME Act by Kunal Motling and Team during the SAL Launch Event depicting Mental Illness and hope to eradicate suicide by 2040!.

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